Measuring Tips

Q: How can I make sure my dress fits me?

It is very, very important that you measure yourself correctly so the prom dress you order will fit. Do not GUESS at your size or just order the same size you wear in jeans or regular clothes. Formal dresses fit very differently and usually run small. Each designer has different measurements for each size, so if you are looking at multiple prom dresses, be sure to check your measurements against EACH size chart to determine your proper size. You might wear a size 2 in Jovani, but a size 4 in Alyce.

Unfortunately Bethie didn't measure before she ordered her short prom dress. She ordered a size 2 because that's the size she always wears. Oops! She was very, very sad!

We helped Bethie measure so she could order a dress that fits.

First we measured her bust - be sure to measure over an unpadded bra or the bra you plan to wear with your dress, at the fullest part. (It's OK Bethie...don't be embarrassed, keep still!)

Next, we measured her waist at the smallest, or natural, spot, which is usually about 2" above your navel.

We measured her hips last, around the fullest part. Be sure to keep the measuring tape level!

(Hey Bethie - you need to stand up straight!)

Once we had her measurements we were able to check them against the size chart for the dress she wanted to order: Sherri Hill 2010 Prom Dress 1043 - her waist was her largest measurement, so she ordered the size that matched it. That meant the bust was a bit big...

...but no worries, you can always have a professional seamstress take a dress in! Letting a dress out is much, much more difficult, if not impossible. So it's important to order off the largest measurement, depending on the style of the dress.
Now the dress fits Bethie perfectly and she is so happy she took the time to MEASURE CAREFULLY!
Check out our Measuring Instructions and Measuring FAQs for more information!