Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer Style Trend: Colored Lace Dresses

Attention all lace-loving ladies! 

There's a new trend you'll want to keep in mind as you pick out formal dresses for the events you're attending this summer: Colored lace. Yes, this elegant material is getting an update, and you'll definitely want to give this modern take on a classic look a try.
 Here are three ways to wear this vibrant style.

1. All-Over Color
If you want to go all-out with this trend, you can't beat the look of all-over colored lace. Because this is such a bold choice, it's important that you choose a dress with a high neckline - you don't want too much going on!

2. Peek-A-Boo
For a more flirty take on colored lace, wear a gown that has cut-outs covered in the elegant material. This will create a peek-a-boo effect that's sure to make a lasting impression at any event you attend this summer.

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3. Layered Look
There are two ways to take on the layered look: Search for a gown that has a slip underneath a dress made of colored lace, or pair the lace with another type of fabric in the same bold color (think detachable chiffon skirt).

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