Friday, October 25, 2013

What you gain in Pageantry!

Okay, you have decided to enter a pageant, good for you! Today we are going to begin pageant preparation. The first step towards success involves no entry fees, shopping trips or personal trainers. This step can be done anywhere and at anytime. It only involves you and your Sense of Self!

 Now what in the world does that mean? First of all take a good long look at yourself and ask this question: What do I have to do to become pageant ready? What things do I need to work on to be the most competitive on stage and still be the best and truest representation of myself? You are not here to be the clone of another contestant or so programmed, that you seem fake. And girls, even though your mother thinks that you are perfect.... there is always room for improvement! Time to get honest here.

Second step is accepting the FACT that there is only going to be one winner and it may not be you! If you go into competition with the attitude that you are going to improve yourself in every area possible.... guess what? You will not lose anything if the crown is not placed on your head at the end of the pageant.

Next, my 5 reasons to guarantee you will not lose: As a former director of a local Miss America preliminary, I would always have a little talk with all my contestants right before rehearsal. This is how it goes...
  1. If you have prepared for the interview by keeping up on current events, understanding the world around you, and how you can take on positive changes to impact others with your community have your lost anything, if you don't win this pageant? Oh and don't forget, improving your grade point average because some pageants do consider your academic success in scoring.
  2. If you have invested more time and energy to be the healthiest, most physically fit you can be in order to do well in swimsuit have your lost anything, other than poor eating habits and lack of working out?
  3. If you have perfected your talent in order to perform well on stage in front of a large audience... how have you lost, when your talent improved?
  4. If you can model your gown on stage with an attitude of poise and have you lost, when you now can " own the stage" with grace!
  5. If you are able to articulate your thoughts in a concise answer during the on stage question competition,then you have improved your public speaking have you lost?
  My belief in the value of these 5 reasons is why I can assure any contestant, who has this winning attitude, is involved in one of the best self improvement programs available: Pageantry!

Next time: There are so many pageants! How do I chose which one to do??

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