Friday, October 11, 2013

So you want to be in Pageants?

 The world of pageantry can be rewarding, fun, and glamorous. It can also be the opposite, and yes it does depend on what YOU put into it! 

When parents bring me new pageant students I always ask the same question: Do you want your daughter to win, or do you need her to win? Sounds silly doesn't it? However, in reality, the way you mentally go into competition will not only help to determine your success, but also your longevity in the pageant world. 
Turn on your TV and watch Miss America or Miss USA. I can assure you that the contestants you see on the national stages are the ones who have dedicated a great deal of time, energy, and talent, to get where they are standing. There is also a big financial commitment as well. 
Think of pageantry as a sport. It takes training and practice to be the most competitive. It's also going to take the right equipment. Does every athlete win every game? Of course not! Does that make the athlete a defeated loser who should give up their sport? No, not if each time the competitor learns from their mistakes, and makes the necessary adjustments for future success. Now apply this to pageantry, because it is the exact same!
Are you ready to compete?
Next time...What you will gain if you compete in pageants and it is a lot more than a crown!

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  1. This is wonderful advice! This lady has made pageants her life's work and if you want to learn more about this, she is your "go to" expert.

    Brenda Gery Warburton