Friday, March 1, 2013

New gown trends offer prom dress shopping hints

As the hunt for the perfect prom dress heats up, more young women are scouring through formal dresses in department stores to find a show-stopping gown for the big night. There are many styles that are just now hitting the fashion world that may influence what people buy.

The Huffington Post reports that gold is one of the up and coming trends worth taking advantage of as prom season quickly approaches. This metallic hue is not just for celebrities walking the red carpet - gold can look beautiful on any woman and help her grab all of the attention in the room. 


Another aspect of prom dresses that appears to be a focal point in the fashion industry is the back. As the Daily Press reports, it seems that more women are focusing on the backs of their ensembles to create a sense of elegance, often seen on the bodies of A-list celebrities. Low backs are becoming especially popular when it comes to gowns of all types.

Whether you already have an idea of what type of dress you want or you're still hunting, perhaps new trends can provide you with inspiration along the way.

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