Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Six types of dresses that every gal should own

If you're looking for cheap formal dresses to bulk up your wardrobe, you should find styles that are always flattering and can be worn for more than one occasion. Instead of picking formal dresses that are only appropriate for a certain type of event, consider these six types of dresses that you can wear almost anywhere.

1. LBD. No woman's closet is complete without a little black dress. Redbook Magazine recommends choosing one in a material that "moves" and doesn't wrinkle.

2. Floral print. Glamour Magazine suggests a ladylike floral dress for times when you want to feel girly and fashionable. 

3. Floor-length. They seem formal, but floor-length dresses in solid colors can be casual depending on how you accessorize them.

4. Cocktail. Redbook suggests a colorful cocktail dress with details that flatter your figure, whether it's a peplum shape, empire waist or wrap dress.

5. Club. A club dress should be as bold and sparkly as you dare to be. It should also hug your curves and make you feel sexy.

6. Sheath. A simple sheath dress is easy to wear. Accessorize with a blazer or sparkly cardigan and you've got yourself a go-to outfit. 

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