Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How to successfully accessorize a cocktail dress

The rules of accessorizing are often confusing. Some people will tell you that there's no such thing as making a mistake when it comes to styling yourself with baubles, handbags and footwear, while others swear there are certain combinations that you can never get away with. But there are a few tips that might help you decide on accessories that can play up your cocktail or formal dresses.

Glamour Magazine's fashion blog recommends choosing a simple dress if you're planning to show off a statement pair of earrings or a large, attention-grabbing necklace. Ideally, it should be a straightforward shape and a solid color. This keeps your outfit from looking too busy.

Homecoming Dress by La Femme style 18110

Cristal D'or Accessory 6433-SET

If you're wearing something like a homecoming dress that should be the focal point of your ensemble, it's best to keep your accessories to a minimum. A pair of stud or hoop earrings, a simple necklace and perhaps a ring or two are all you need for jewelry. If you choose drop earrings, it might be best to pair these with a bracelet rather than a necklace.

 As for handbags, a clutch is always a chic choice that can complement special occasion dresses. And when it comes to shoes, anything goes!

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