Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What to wear to a beach wedding

Summer is the season for beach weddings, which can come with an unwritten dress code. As a wedding guest, dresses can be hard to choose. Cocktail dresses may seem too formal, and while LBDs are a good choice for most special occasions, a summer wedding at the beach calls for a light, flowing summer dress.

Floral prints are the perfect choice for a beach wedding because they fit the fun mood. The level of formality depends on the type of fabric you pick, with cotton being the most casual and satin or shiny fabric among the most formal.

 Keep your accessories casual but still polished. Finding appropriate shoes can be an issue for beach weddings, as you don't want to be sinking in the sand with high heels or too casual with a pair of flip-flops. The solution? Flat, strappy sandals are always a good choice, as are ballet flats. If you want some height, choose a wedge that won't sink into the sand as much. Who knows, you may end up kicking them off anyway!

  Don't forget to bring something like a wrap or a pashmina in case it gets breezy. As for your hair, why not let it pick up some texture? After all, you're at the beach!

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