Friday, May 4, 2012

What are you wearing to your Cinco de Mayo celebration?

Now that spring is in full swing, there are a whole host of fun and festive holidays on the calendar that will give you a chance to break out one of your favorite formal dresses. Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow, so if you're headed out for drinks with the girls or heading off to a bash, you'll want to be dressed in your best.

Cinco de Mayo comes with a surprising amount of versatility, and you can pull off anything from petite formal gowns to chic cocktail dresses with the right accessory combos. The holiday is best-known for its vibrant hues and gaudy jewelry, so opt for a selection of warm pastels paired with glittering metallic accessories to turn some heads at your bash.

Long, flowing statement necklaces are a great choice for the holiday, and you can pair them with chic cocktail rings and other chunky accessories to liven up your ensemble. If it happens to be a bit cool during your celebration, bring along a shawl or a sarong to give your outfit a pop of color and a functional touch.
No matter what you're doing for Cinco de Mayo, going for the gusto and taking a chance with your formal attire is a recipe for success during the holiday.

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