Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Style tips to keep in mind when wearing a sparkling prom dress

Your prom night is one of the few occasions when you can get away with formal dresses that sparkle from head to toe. While this kind of prom dress can certainly help you make waves on the dance floor and during your photo sessions, there's something to be said for ladies who can weigh the proportions of color and sparkle when crafting their ensembles.
Paris 2012 Prom Dress 112754

Blush 2012 Prom Dress 9306


Contrast is an important element when you're wearing a glittering formal dress, so use your footwear, accessory and cosmetic choices as a means of toning down your look a bit. For instance, nude, gold, or silver heels go with just about anything, so look for a cute pair of peep-toes or strappy sandals to give your outfit a bit more variety.


Johnathan Kayne Pageant Shoe "Savannah" 903

  Alisha Hill Kelly Shoe S1140


 When choosing accessories, stay consistent with your jewelry and wear pieces that can lift or coordinate with your ensemble. An example of this is choosing either silver or gold accessories throughout, or wearing a few select pieces like a cocktail ring or earrings that match your dress.

Helen's Heart Ring JR-R05120

 Helen's Heart Bracelet JB-YI-1108


 Last but not least, don't hesitate to give your eye makeup or lip color a bright pop. However, you should pick one or the other to ensure that you have one main focal point to work with.

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