Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Do you pin? Follow us on Pinterest!

Pinterest - what IS it? If you haven't heard of Pinterest, this is how I describe it: you know the bulletin boards you have/had hanging in your home? I'm sure you've tacked up pictures of things you like: ideas, recipes, lists, instructions, articles, etc. So envision doing that online and you've got Pinterest! You create your boards and see other people's boards, and start pinning things you just love! 

Pinterest has been around for over a year and it's finally getting it's due notice and catching on with the masses. And TJ Formal is at the head of the pack! We've created boards not only showing our fantastic and beautiful products, but all sorts of boards for prom ideas and wedding ideas.

Pinterest is still by invitation only, but send an email to us at tjfpinterest@gmail.com and we'd be happy to send you an invitation so you can follow us along on this amazing journey through the web. No more bookmarking URLs of things you want to remember, Pinterest is VISUAL so you at once see your favorite things - so fun and so easy! Although, I'm warning you...it can be quite addictive!

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