Thursday, January 5, 2012

Prom Trends 2012 - High-Low hemlines

The past few years, the high-low hemline prom dress has become more popular with more choices each year. This year, for prom 2012, there are more styles than ever! From ruffled skirts to sleek dresses with removable skirts, the high-low dress can be perfect for anyone of any height. Are you extremely tall? Try a dress with a little longer front and the skirt falling to the floor in the back like  

If you are short, no worries! A high-low dress is perfect. Choose any length of skirt for the front and the back can have a train or not.  Jovani 2012 Prom Dress 30079 has a slight train in back, if you are shorter than 5'8", it will just be a little longer.

 Some high-low dresses have a sleek dress with an over skirt. Evenings by Allure 2012 Prom Dress A524

 So when searching for a prom dress, don't forget to check out the high-low dresses - one might just be your dream dress!

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  1. This looks so pretty - and versatile too!