Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Designing your Valentine's Day date night outfit

If you've finally attracted the attention of that special someone, you may be racking your brain trying to find the perfect wardrobe combination for your big Valentine's Day date. According to Glamour.com, wearing a red formal dress perked up with a few opulent accessories will give you confidence throughout the evening.

While red evening dresses may seem a bit bold, you can update it by looking for a fresh cut like a short dress or empire-waist design. Pairing your choice of special occasion dresses with a bold shade of red lipstick could also be a fabulous way of pulling your outfit together.

You'll need one statement accessory to pair with your bright and daring outfit, so opt for an embellished cuff bracelet or a colorful cocktail ring. When you've picked out these accents, you should try and keep the rest of your outfit neutral - try pairing your heels and your purse choice together to get a bit more uniformity.

Valentine's Day is a time when lasting relationships get their start, so make sure that you're looking chic for your big date with these ravishing style choices.

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