Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Designing your Valentine's Day date night outfit

If you've finally attracted the attention of that special someone, you may be racking your brain trying to find the perfect wardrobe combination for your big Valentine's Day date. According to Glamour.com, wearing a red formal dress perked up with a few opulent accessories will give you confidence throughout the evening.

While red evening dresses may seem a bit bold, you can update it by looking for a fresh cut like a short dress or empire-waist design. Pairing your choice of special occasion dresses with a bold shade of red lipstick could also be a fabulous way of pulling your outfit together.

You'll need one statement accessory to pair with your bright and daring outfit, so opt for an embellished cuff bracelet or a colorful cocktail ring. When you've picked out these accents, you should try and keep the rest of your outfit neutral - try pairing your heels and your purse choice together to get a bit more uniformity.

Valentine's Day is a time when lasting relationships get their start, so make sure that you're looking chic for your big date with these ravishing style choices.

 Sherri Hill 2012 Prom Dress 2926 

Monday, January 30, 2012

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Prom Trends 2012 - Sequined Prom Dresses

Sequined prom dresses are very popular this year. Sherri Hill, Jovani, La Femme, Blush, Night Moves, Tony Bowls and most designers have included sequined prom dresses in their collections for prom 2012. Whether they are dresses fully covered in sequins, just a bodice, or scattered on a skirt in a patter, sequins add a big touch of glamor and sophistication.

Sherri Hill 2012 Prom Dress 2907

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Heading out on a formal first date? Make sure you have a pair of killer heels

Valentine's Day is only a few weeks away and many ladies will be hitting the town with their significant others, while others will be venturing out on a first date. If you've secured a date with a special someone and he's taking you somewhere especially fancy, keep these wardrobe tips in mind for the big night.

Minidresses are wonderful options for your first big date, but don't go with a boring solid color or a neutral design. Opt for a formal dress that has plenty of sparkling embellishments or intriguing textured elements. This is a fun and flirty style that is sure to make a big impact on your date.

Sherri Hill 2012 Prom Dress 2765

 To ensure that your outfit is ultra fabulous, break out your best pair of heels to make a serious statement.  Match these with an elegant cuff bracelet or a clutch to provide some chic contrast.


Alisha Hill Catherine Shoe S065

 Your big date is right around the corner, so now is the perfect time to start shopping to throw together a stunning outfit that will make a big impression.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Prom Trends 2012 - Ombre Prom Dresses

One of my favorite trends this year is ombre colored prom dresses. They are gorgeous! Some are the same color but go from light to dark, and others are from one color to another. It's a very visual and stunning effect sure to make you stand out at prom. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Prom Trends 2012 - One-Shoulder Prom Dresses

The one-shoulder prom dress is becoming so popular that almost all designers have this trend in their collection. Sherri Hill, Jovani, La Femme, Tony Bowls, Blush, Night Moves and others have several styles available. In fact, this trend might even be one that is here to stay.

Night Moves 2012 Prom Dress 6475


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Charlize Theron puts her own spin on the high-low dress

The high-low dress looks to be one of the biggest formal dress trends of 2012, and actress Charlize Theron may have set the bar with her ensemble at last night's Golden Globe Awards. Theron wore a magnificent cream couture gown with various textured embellishments that landed her on best-dressed lists across the country.

Theron's outfit was as opulent as it was risk-taking with a plunging neckline that led to a cinched waist and an elegant crystal brooch pin. On the side of her formal gown were tufts of fabric that formed a bow and framed the tail of her dress, which trailed slightly behind her.

Of course, with the front of her high-low dress resting right above her knee, Theron used this as her time to shine with a pair of dynamic oped-toed white heels. Her footwear choice was a crisp white which provided wonderful contrast with her cream-colored formal gown, and she topped it off with a matching headband with similar embellishments.

White is a daring color during the winter, so take a cue from Charlize and pair softer shades of the hue with more daring bright whites to give your outfit subtle contrast you can work with.

Jovani 2012 Prom Dress 171732

 Dave and Johnny 2012 Prom Dress 7434

Sherri Hill 2012 Prom Dress 3835

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Prom Trends - Nude-colored Prom Dresses

"Nude" is the newest hot color for Prom 2012 prom dresses. Sherri Hill has gone big with this color and offers several styles in both short, long, and even high-low. Nude can also be called Ivory or Champagne, and can have different hues, some more pink, some more yellow. When you choose a Nude dress, you can do anything with your accessories - stay neutral, go bold with bright red, hot pink, or cobalt, or stay classic with black or silver. Whatever you choose for accessories, the Nude dress will always exude sophistication and elegance.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

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Prom Trends 2012 - Short, Sleek, Sequined Prom Dresses

We are back with a new prom trend for 2012! Short prom dresses that are fitted and covered with sequins are available from almost every designer. Sherri Hill has many new versions of this sexy prom dress style. Plus Jovani, Blush, Tony Bowls, Allure, and others are joining the trend with their versions. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The perfect outfit for your black and white party

Now that a new year is upon us, you're probably going to be throwing your fair share of parties over the course of the winter, and one theme that always seems to stay popular is a black and white party. You can help make your bash a bit more opulent by choosing one of your favorite little black dresses and jazzing it up for the occasion.

Since this is a black and white party, your outfit is going to be free from color outside of your makeup, so this may be your perfect chance to sport an alluring red lip color. When paired with meticulous eyeliner and mascara application, you'll have a fabulous mixture of bold color and darkened contrast.

Lastly, an oversized cocktail ring could be the perfect finishing touch for your outfit. Look for a brilliant white or elegant black piece set in silver to give your look an instant focal point.

 Wow! 2011 Homecoming Dress 2025S

Terani Prom Dress Y243

 Alyce Designs Short Dress 4143

Friday, January 6, 2012

Prom Trends 2012 - Paillettes

Some call them sequins, but the large sequins that are tacked at one point to hang freely are actually called paillettes. And this year we are seeing them more than ever on prom dresses. Sherri Hill has quite a few choices of prom dresses that include this unique embellishment. 

And Jovani has used paillets in a swirl pattern on this dress - how cool is that!
Find paillettes used as an accent or with sequins.
So what do you think about paillettes? Do you like them better than sequins or are they not your thing? Let us know in the comments below!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Prom Trends 2012 - High-Low hemlines

The past few years, the high-low hemline prom dress has become more popular with more choices each year. This year, for prom 2012, there are more styles than ever! From ruffled skirts to sleek dresses with removable skirts, the high-low dress can be perfect for anyone of any height. Are you extremely tall? Try a dress with a little longer front and the skirt falling to the floor in the back like  

If you are short, no worries! A high-low dress is perfect. Choose any length of skirt for the front and the back can have a train or not.  Jovani 2012 Prom Dress 30079 has a slight train in back, if you are shorter than 5'8", it will just be a little longer.

 Some high-low dresses have a sleek dress with an over skirt. Evenings by Allure 2012 Prom Dress A524

 So when searching for a prom dress, don't forget to check out the high-low dresses - one might just be your dream dress!