Monday, December 19, 2011

The holiday season is your time to sparkle

Whether you have a work party on the horizon or if you're going to be attending a charity gala, shopping for evening dresses or cocktail dresses for the holidays is a unique experience. According to, sparkling embellishments in clothing and accessories are extremely trendy for the holiday season, and the following tips will help you pull them off.

While sparkles may not seem subtle, you need to be selective with your accoutrements and find the right balance to avoid glittering from head to toe. In particular, you should allow your formal dress to be the main source of shiny materials, which you can then pair with other neutral accents to make it a focal point of your ensemble.

When you've decided on a color for your dress, you can then use footwear and accessories to amp up your look even further. Black peep-toe pumps are always a good choice and can go with nearly any outfit, and you can use colorful accessories to add some complementary hues to your outfit.

Going with a seasonal trend is always a fabulous way to dress for your next social occasion, and you can find glittering special occasion dresses that will give you plenty of confidence this holiday season. 

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