Thursday, November 3, 2011

So what are you wearing to your friend's fall wedding?

Fall weddings are unique occasions that don't come around too often, but they can drastically change the look of your attire. Since the temperatures are going to be extremely fickle, you'll want a formal dress that's a bit warmer and can combine with a chic cardigan if it gets a bit too chilly.

Autumn fashion is defined by its deep, rich colors and the blend between warm and cold weather fashion. In so many words, bridge seasons like spring and fall open up your style choices drastically, so don't be afraid to give your ensemble a pop of color from an unexpected accessory like an embellished belt, a spring scarf or a vibrant pair of pumps.

Pick a neutral hue for the occasion that can be adapted to your needs throughout the evening. This will give you plenty of leeway with your jewelry choices, as silver and gold pieces look fabulous against a neutral backdrop.

Whether you're sporting a formal cocktail dress or any of your favorite special occasion dresses, a fall wedding will give you plenty of flexibility to craft your own unique style. 

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