Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Amy Adams showcases a dazzling formal gown at art gala

Amy Adams is one of the most fashionable redheads in Hollywood, and her flowing locks open up her style choices more than most ladies in the business. At the recent Los Angeles County Museum of Art art and film gala, the actress sported a dazzling pale pink formal dress with embellishments that pulled her entire look together.

Adams wore a beautiful pink formal dress that was sewn with a dual-strap and loose-fitting design that allowed it to fall effortlessly below her shoulders. The bodice and the area around her waist was decorated with chic copper embellishments, which added a touch of sparkle to her outfit.
The actress allowed her dress to be the star of her ensemble, and kept her accessories to a minimum. On the other hand, she put much of her focus on her cosmetics, with a light shade of pink lipstick to match her dress and a brilliantly-applied shade of metallic eyeshadow.

Now that the holiday formal season is upon us, it's time to skip the short dresses and cocktail dresses and go for something a bit more opulent to turn some heads at your next social occasion. 

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