Friday, October 28, 2011

Sleeves, sleeves, sleeves!

Sleeves are an excellent way to stay weather-appropriate at fall and winter gatherings, but there are so options - how's a girl to decide? Don't worry, we'll help break it down for you so you can see which kind of sleeves are right for you.

If you're going for a dress with a short hemline, long sleeves are an easy way to balance out your look. The longer sleeves, the shorter you can go on the bottom without looking inappropriate. Plus, a short dress with extra-long sleeves is a unique reversal that's sure to turn a few heads at your next formal event.
Sherri Hill 2011 Homecoming Dress 8421

 Cap sleeves are cute, flirty and add a touch of modesty to any gown. Cap sleeves can be simple, off-the-shoulder bits of fabric, or they can be big, puffy, impossible-to-miss additions that are sure to win you plenty of attention. Whichever you choose, be careful not to show off too much cleavage, since sleeves like this will frame your chest and automatically draw the eye to your decolletage. (Add a necklace for maximum impact!)

Night Moves 2012 Modest Prom Dress 6583M

 Want the best of both worlds? Try three-quarter length sleeves. Ending just below your elbow, sleeves like these are both demure and sexy.

Jovani 2012 Prom Dress 30072

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  1. The first picture of the two girls in the shimmerie dresses is sooooo adorable!! Me and my bestie already have a plan with them