Friday, October 7, 2011

Silver and pink are a beautiful combination during any season

Lea Michele, one of the stars of the hit show Glee, was recently named Instyle's Look of the Day for her stunning pink short dress that she paired with some dazzling accessories. For ladies who are shopping for a formal dress or a cute cocktail dress this fall, pink is a chic color that can work during any season.

The success of Michele's look was her choice of short dresses that she paired with metallic silver accessories. While a general rule of thumb is to wear gold with a warmer hue, a bright shade of pink has an uncanny ability to combine with a silver pair of pumps and similar jewelry.

Michele wore a pair of open-toed silver heels, a chunky silver cocktail ring and paired them with a matching clutch. Her ensemble showed that when you're wearing a bright and bold ensemble, you can easily incorporate some metallic shades to the best effect.

When you're out shopping for homecoming dresses this fall, if you fall in love with a pink number, go for it! It's the perfect look for any season and it can be a chic choice to pair with your silver accessories. 

Hannah S 2011 Homecoming Dress 27676

Terani Cocktail Dress C448

 La Femme Prom Dress 15960

 Touch Ups Shoe "Princess" 189


 Allure Shoe "Dance"



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  1. The pink Terani is so cute! This type of dress is ALWAYS in style!