Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rock a cut-out dress at the club

Summer's almost over, so by now you likely have a fabulously bronzed bod and want to show it off before it's time to start layering clothes for colder weather. Luckily club dresses are meant to be sexy and flattering, and one with a cut-out detail is sure to wow everyone around you.

Stars like Kate Bosworth have been rocking cut-out trends all summer, and it's easy to find dresses these days with flattering designs. Look for something that plays up your best features. If you love your bust, consider a deep V-neck or a peekaboo neckline. Love your tummy? Pick a garment that shows off a little skin around your midsection.

You could even be a bit more daring and call attention to the cut-out by wearing a colorful bra that peeks out from underneath or bright jewels. Body moisturizer with a touch of shimmer will help your skin sparkle and look glowing wherever it peeks out. To avoid strange tan lines, keep it as a night outfit or wear plenty of sunblock if you're out and about in a cut-out dress during the day.


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