Monday, August 8, 2011

Making waves with abstract prints

Just because the little black dress will always and forever be a cornerstone of a lady's night out doesn't mean it's a bad idea to change it up every once in awhile. Wearing a crazy print to a social event can be a fun and eye-catching variation on what some may consider the usual all-too-safe choice.

Mareva Galanter recently proved this point at Paris Fashion Week when she dressed up in a beige and black abstract minidress. The whimsical lines and swirls were beyond most recognizable traditions, but some may say it bore the wonderful weirdness of a Miro painting.

The short-sleeved dress featured an interesting silhouette in addition to the print - slightly poofy sleeves, a check-mark neckline and ruched siding all conspired together to create an avant-garde cut that was all too up-to-trend.

Ladies getting ready for a social event can borrow one (or all) of these unusual elements to make a memorable appearance, but remember - when wearing your dress out loud, keep the rest of your ensemble in the background.


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