Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pretty in pink

Pink has been a classic prom staple for as long as we can remember, but we fall in love with it again and again every time we see it worn in a fresh and novel way. The new blushing princess who has won our affections? Ashley Greene, who rocked the softest gown you can imagine to the Hollywood premiere of her new movie, Skateland.

Not only did the dress inspire us thanks to its barely-there hue of pale, pale pink, but its one-shouldered, Grecian-inspired silhouette made it something else altogether. The gown left one of Greene's shoulders bare as the other flaunted a romantic full-length sleeve, and the softly-cascading hem only capped off the fairytale allure of her ensemble. With a smart coral manicure and soft, loose waves, Greene was the picture of a modern-day princess.

Fortunately for girls everywhere, pink isn't about to go anywhere fast. Find the hue and silhouette that makes you feel your feminine best for a look that's always classic yet unique enough for your individual style.

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  1. I used to not like pink much, but now I think that it makes most skin tones look rosier and prettier. I like these dresses very much.