Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kate the great

The always elegant Kate Winslet proved her grace once again at the Yo Dona Awards as she walked the carpet looking fierce in an all black high-necked, floor-length gown.

Kate pulled out all the stops in this outfit. The modest silhouette and long sleeves made her look sleek and chic, while the built-in stud embellished waist piece cinched her in, making her look teeny-tiny.

Paired with a metallic clutch, which added a hint of a modern industrial feel, Kate was a knock-out for sure.

Simple earrings and her hair pulled back into a bun let her glowing face really stand out. Smoky eyes and a nude gloss kept her looking fresh and young amongst the ladies in attendance.

This look would make any woman feel great as it hugs all the right areas - your waist and chest - while flowing gracefully away from the hips. The long sleeves leave you feeling comfortable and the high-neck works to create an elegant shape. This gown must be worn somewhere you're sure to be seen as the style and oh-so-good design will give you the confidence you already feel on the inside.


  1. Kate Winslet is always so elegant looking - always appropriate, always polished. Love her looks.

  2. Love the Terani gown!

  3. I really like the unusual neckline on this dress. Simple, but it sets it apart. Thanks