Friday, July 15, 2011

Emma Watson at Harry Potter London Premiere

Emma Watson's red carpet style has been called tame and toned down over the past few years, but for the finale of the Harry Potter movies, she decided to take it to a different level. Watson wore a gorgeous designer formal gown with an embroidered bodice and an enchanting skirt.

Watson was one of the biggest highlights of the Harry Potter premiere, and showed how simple it can be to take a gorgeous dress and make it the star of one's ensemble. The silver bodice was bedazzled with sparkling embellishments and the full-length skirt was a delightful mix of materials that made her look like a princess instead of a wizard!

As for accessory choices, Watson kept it simple by wearing some silver teardrop earrings to match beautifully with her dress. With her priceless smile and scintillating formal dress, she was the belle of the ball.

A strapless dress worn during a night out often is at its best when combined with some dangling earrings and a few bracelets for contrast. With this gorgeous mix of sparkling materials and textured fabrics, a formal outfit takes a lot less work than you may think. 

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