Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bows: The summer edition

We have little doubt that many of you rocked a mighty fine bow during the winter holiday season, but have you ever considered what an epic delight they can be during the balmy nights of summer?

Just ask Gisele Bundchen, who rocked a seriously sexy cocktail dress to AFI's Life Achievement Awards in California. The metallic pewter spaghetti-strap gown featured a decadent array of floral patterns, which decorated her figure in the form of a plunging neckline and trailing mermaid hem. To provide a delightful pop for the eye, Gisele topped it all off with a bright fuchsia bow around her waist.

Even bows that have no intention of blending in to the rest of your ensemble are entirely de rigeur this summer, and we can't get over how appealing Miss Bundchen looked in hers. Don't be afraid to make this detail pop, whether you wear it around your waist, on your shoulder strap, in the back or in another totally unexpected place.


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  1. It SUPER how you show dresses on your site that look like the trends. I love these cute dresses with bows