Thursday, June 2, 2011

Springtime, straight from the runway

Ever see a gorgeous dress on the runway and thought to yourself, "I could never pull that off in person"? Well, we're here to encourage you to try. Okay, we admit that a magazine cover isn't exactly "in person" at a summer soiree, but Zoe Saldana sported a gorgeous Elie Saab Couture 2011 gown on the cover of Hong Kong Prestige exactly as it appeared on the runway.

The actress, who has taken more than a few fashion risks in her day (remember that gorgeous purple Oscar dress with the mirrored bodice and ruffled hem?), looked relaxed and summery in the floral-inspired gown. It featured two twisted straps with a flowery shoulder detail on one side, a wrapped waist and a long, flowing skirt that reached all the way to the ground. Made up of a floaty organza fabric and featuring pink, brown, white and green, it simply doesn't get any more springtime than this incredibly romantic gown.

While you may not have the pocket change to nick a look right off the runway, we still think you should be encouraged by Zoe's bold fashion choice. It shows that you don't necessarily have to dress something down to make it real-world appropriate - sometimes all it takes is a little knowledge about wearing a fashion-forward design.

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