Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Going Dotty

Gossip Girl goddess Blake Lively was recently interviewed by Glamour magazine, and if her accompanying photo shoot had a theme, we'd have to say it was polka dots! Sporting a number of retro-inspired outfits with lots of lace and sheer detailing, Lively rocked the dots like she was born for it. We loved seeing her in all of these flirty, summery outfits, and we hope you can take a little inspiration from the spread when it comes to finding a dress for your next formal event.

In one outfit, Lively wears a strapless shirt, surrounded by sheer tulle fabric dotted with wide, white circles. In the next picture, she adds yet another sheer layer of polka dots on top!

In another photo, Lively sports a pair of comfy-looking black shorts peppered with over-sized orange polka dots, along with a matching orange sweater and mahogany cuff.

Even when she's sporting a striped cardigan and some orange-sherbet colored shorts, we couldn't help but notice that Lively's three pastel bracelets were still sporting lots of little dots.

Take a page out of Serena van der Woodsen's book - er, magazine - and sport a few polka dots this summer!

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