Friday, May 6, 2011

Matchy-matchy bridesmaids a thing of the past?

The stereotype of the hideous bridesmaid dress feels about as old as time, but do you really need to deck out your friends in ugly dresses just so you can look gorgeous on your big day? (We're betting you don't.) Don't force your closest friends into garish gowns! Instead, try out a fun new wedding trend. Instead of matchy-matchy bridesmaid dresses, give your girlfriends a few guidelines - a color, a silhouette or a hem length, for example - and let them pick out their own dresses.

Sure, it looks nice in photographs when all your brides are wearing the same dress, but let's be real - unless your friends are all 5'11" models, there's no one gown that's going to flatter them all. Some gals look better in A-lines while others prefer sheaths, and still others like sweetheart necklines or cap sleeves. Why not let your bridesmaids express their individuality? We know the day's all about you, but this is a special occasion for them as well. Let them look back on these photos happily by letting them show off their best sides, too.

To keep things organized, we recommend selecting a color for all of your bridesmaids to adhere to. For example, if your hubby-to-be's groomsmen will be wearing blue ties, suggest that your bridesmaids find dresses in a flattering aquamarine hue. For a black and white wedding, tell your bridesmaids they'll need to wear their best LBDs. The colors can be vague - "Just wear something red, girls!" - or crazy-specific, like aubergine or champagne. The choice is yours, but the dress is theirs.

Of course, if you want to make sure everything looks perfect and everyone's in the same gown, that's your prerogative as the bride. But may we just advise that you pick something that's not totally ugly? You're going to look beautiful, no matter what they wear - promise.


  1. I think it's great to have coordinating rather than exactly matching bridesmaids- that way each girl can pick a style that flatters her figure. Way to go!

  2. I agree that this is a great trend. I just saw some wedding photos where all the bridesmaids worn navy dresses but each one was just a little different from each other. It looked beautiful