Thursday, May 19, 2011

Brides' hemlines on the up-and-up

Weddings may be a thing of tradition, but even wedding dresses are subject to a bit of flux and change now and then. Surprisingly enough, brides are hiking up their skirts a bit as of late to feature mid-length and even minidress-level hemlines.

"Short is the new long for red carpet dressing," Net-a-Porter's U.S. editor Tracy Taylor told MSNBC's, regarding the high volume of short dresses at the bridal fashion showcase in New York, "and for brides to look different, the short wedding dress is the way for her to be different, stand out and show off her best assets."

According to the news source, this is also a reflection of the tendency for brides to buy two dresses - a longer one for the ceremony and a shorter one they can dance in at the reception.

So what will you be kicking your heels up in at your upcoming wedding? A short dress doesn't have to be dressed down or less lavish than a gown with a long train - brides can still sport luxurious materials, embellished details and decorative accessories in their tresses.

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  1. These dresses are so pretty - I've been looking for a reception dress and these are perfect!