Friday, May 13, 2011

An all-new neckline

Just when we thought we'd seen 'em all - boat, sweetheart, strapless, v-neck, collared - along comes a brand new neckline that we're just not quite sure what to call. Rose Byrne took a chance (and it paid off!) on a totally unique neckline at the Los Angeles premiere of her new movie Bridesmaids, and you can too at your next formal event.

Byrne wore an electric pink dress with black detailing - including two black straps that held up the gown's one-of-a-kind top. The artistic neckline laid straight across Byrne's clavicles, and the two straps held it up perfectly. But that wasn't all. In the fact, the same fuchsia fabric created a beautiful, elegant drape. Additionally, the bold knee-length dress featured a black sash around the waist to show off Byrne's trim figure. A pair of black peep-toe heels and a red clutch completed her spectacular look.
 Byrne's neckline is just one way that you can customize a dress to be all yours at your next formal occasion. Keep an eye out for a detail unlike any you've ever seen - a special hem, a unique slit or a one-of-a-kind applique can be all your need to make your dress all your own.

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