Saturday, April 9, 2011

When to wear earrings, when to a wear a necklace and when to wear both

So you've got your prom dress all picked out - all that's left is deciding on the perfect accessories. Maybe you're thinking of wearing an eye-catching cocktail ring, a thick sparkling bracelet or series of stacked bangles. We say pile it on, because prom's the time for decadence! But when it comes to more traditional jewelry - your earrings and necklaces - there are a few rules to follow. First, pairing dangling earrings with a big statement necklace can be a little overpowering. Instead, opt for long, luxurious earrings and go bare-necked, or throw on a pair of simple studs and let your necklace be the focal point. For ladies planning on going bare-shouldered to prom, a strapless dress is the perfect canvas for a glittering necklace, so pick a short strand of pearls or jewels - or a single dangling pendant to complement your ensemble. Of course, you could also leave that flawless d├ęcolletage bare and opt for earrings instead - the red carpet has been rife with bare-necked gals lately. The decision is yours! When it comes to high-necked gowns, earrings are usually the gold (or silver, or diamond, or pearl...) standard. If your dress has a detailed neckline, don't overwhelm it with a big necklace - stick to smaller jewelry, like earrings and rings. So those are the rules, ladies - but then again, rules are made to be broken...

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