Sunday, April 10, 2011

Modesty is key for the mother of the bride

Once we pass a certain age, many women tend to assume that their days of fabulousness are over. Some of us even sink into a state of couldn't-care-less, walking around in sweatpants and clogs without even brushing our hair. It seems, however, that someone forgot to tell Dame Helen Mirren that ladies over 55 are supposed to be frumpy, because she's looking as gorgeous and fashionable as ever!

For many women, attending a daughter's wedding is a passing of the torch, in a sense. The word "family" will have a new meaning for your daughter after her special day, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't show up looking drop-dead gorgeous. Hey, what better day to remind your husband of 30 or so years that you're still the lady he fell in love with? The key to picking out the right mother of the bride dress is choosing a design that won't take away from your daughter's dress. And guess who showed off a perfect style? That's right - Helen Mirren.

Mirren doesn't have any children, but the gown she wore to the premiere of her new movie Arthur in New York City would make an excellent mother of the bride dress if she did. Its grayish-blue color is different enough from your daughter's white wedding dress, and its high neck and long sleeves are perfect for women who are past their days of showing off the goods. Plus, its dreamy, floaty fabric will help hide any areas that might not be as toned as they once were.

If you're attending your daughter's wedding, a dress like this could be just the ticket. Just be sure to keep the makeup simple - we know you'll be crying, and you wouldn't want to get mascara smears on the gown!

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