Sunday, April 17, 2011

Glasses are a prom 'do'!

If you've been wearing glasses since you were a kid, no doubt you're familiar with all kinds of taunts, from the classic "four-eyes" to several more inventive torments (we feel your pain!). But ladies of the lenses, it's your time to shine! Go ahead, rock those specs at prom - you'll look all kinds of sophisticated.

Ever since Tina Fey started sporting a pair of plastic-rimmed frames (which she doesn't even need, by the way), ladies have been realizing that the perfect pair of glasses can actually do wonders for their style. Glasses don't have to be a downer - they can be a fashionable part of any ensemble, casual or formal!

Just have a look at what Anne Hathaway wore to the Los Angeles premiere of her new movie Rio. Sporting a gorgeous amethyst-colored gown from Gucci's spring 2011 collection and a pair of matching shoes, Anne's look got a boost of sophistication from her oversized pair of specs. Anne proves that glasses can be just as charming an accessory as the perfect pair of earrings or an adorable headband!

So embrace your inner geek and sport those specs to prom this year - if you dare.

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