Saturday, April 16, 2011

Brides-to-be: Will you be inspired by the royal wedding?

Famous wedding dresses have inspired brides throughout the centuries. Will Kate Middleton's dress influence what you wear down the aisle? Even if you're not directly concerned with the soon-to-be princess' wedding attire, odds are, some of her style will find its way into wedding dresses for years to come.

Kate is hardly the first royal whose fashion choices will launch a thousand designers. After all, it was her royal predecessor, Queen Victoria, who started the bridal white tradition - before her, brides simply got married in their best gowns (and black was a popular color choice!). Princess Diana, who wed Prince Charles when she was just 19, inspired millions with her dreamy, romantic gown - a perfect design for a princess.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis is another famous bride whose dress influenced the fashion world. Since her fashion choices were the subject of much praise all throughout her public life, it's no surprise that the fashion world was abuzz over the gorgeous gown she wore to wed Aristotle Onassis. Grace Kelly also launched a wedding trend when she got married in a gown with a gorgeous lace neckline. And Ivanka Trump, who wed in 2009, single-handedly brought sleeves back into vogue for wedding styles!

So, brides-to-be, keep an eye on the royal wedding - you might just see a style you like!

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