Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wow the crowd with a strapless number

Prom season is fast approaching, meaning dress cuts and styles are sure to be big on the minds of many high school girls.

Whenever you do get a chance to take a break from your floral-print daydreams that have been occupying the majority of your first block chemistry class, consider how you'd feel about wearing a strapless dress to your prom.

According to, strapless dresses are sure to be a big hit this year, and this is a general enough designation that you can stay on-trend without hedging your bets of wearing the same dress as some other girl.

A strapless gown can flatter ladies of all shapes and sizes, as there's a large consensus of folks out there that think a woman's decolletage is her most beautiful feature. Show off your collarbone with a tight, short number, a mid-length A-line dress or a floor-length cocktail gown with beads and embellishments.

Whatever you choose, keep in mind that this classic cut lends itself all too well to statement necklaces, so if you've had your eye on an oversized bauble, this would be the perfect complement to your accessory.

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