Sunday, March 13, 2011

What to look for in terms of vintage wedding styles

Who would have thought that vintage would make such a comeback, especially in the department of wedding gowns? If you haven't seen the recent turn towards vintage headpieces, antique-style lace and debonair silhouettes, you're sure to notice it soon.

"Everything in bridal has been headed towards vintage and rustic," GTR Newspapers' Jennifer Thompson writes. "Vintage gowns in beautiful laces with rich colors under lace overlays make for a very traditional look with a modern flair. Three-dimensional flowers are going to be prevalent in the textured look of wedding dresses."

According to Thompson, brides are turning increasingly towards embellishments as well, including oversized brooches, vintage belts and ornate hairpieces.

If you or any future brides in your circle have been itching to break the mold for the big day, here's one spectacular way to do it. Look for wedding gowns that recall a Victorian style with lots of lace, embellishments and detail. This is one occasion where you might toss the bright white dresses aside, as a more aged, cream-colored gown may be called for.

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