Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wedding Dresses Around the World

In the Western world, the flowing white wedding dress is just about ubiquitous - but this isn't the case everywhere. Brides around the world have some very unique traditions when it comes to their marriage ceremonies, and in many cultures, women eschew white and choose vibrant hues for their wedding garb.

In Morocco, for example, wedding outfits are traditionally yellow - a color said to ward off the Evil Eye - or green, because it is the color of plants and brings good luck to the wearer. In other parts of Africa, brides also choose colors like black, red and green, usually in patterns that represent their villages.

Meanwhile, in China, most brides opt for crimson wedding gowns because it is the color of joy and good luck. While their neighbors, the Japanese, traditionally wear white, many choose to accentuate their dresses with scarlet to symbolize happiness and a new beginning.

Even in America, white hasn't always been the go-to color. Brides during the Revolutionary War sometimes chose red to show support for men in battle, while Civil War brides sometimes picked purple to honor fallen soldiers. Some U.S. brides still pick these bright colors over ivory for their own nuptials.

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