Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wear white to your next formal event

We often think of white as a color reserved for brides, but actually, you can make this angelic hue work for just about any occasion. All it takes a little attention to the cut and the right accessories.

As long as you're not going to a wedding - where it's still pretty taboo to usurp the bride's color - white can be a great choice to show off your figure, bring a little levity with a crisp, clean hue and let your accessories pop. The trick to pulling off a white dress is picking a flirty cut that stays far out of bridal territory. Go for a daring hemline if you plan to wear white to your next social event, and don't be afraid to pick a unique fabric - it'll keep you from looking like you're late to your wedding.

Another way to make a white dress work for a social event is by pairing it with bright accessories. White is the perfect background on which to highlight a bold necklace, a vibrant bracelet or a bold cocktail ring. When you're wearing white, don't be afraid to go all-out with your accessories. Bright red shoes, hot pink lips and electric blue bangles will make a white dress actually look like an explosion of color.

If you do choose white, however, remember that the color gets dirty very easily. So don't forget to put your napkin in your lap, and always be careful when carrying a drink.

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