Sunday, March 20, 2011

Put some bling on it: Prom accessories for 2011

If you thought that the prom search ended with a hemline and a ruffle, think again - shoes and accessories count for a lot, especially when prom fashion dictates for as much bling as we're about to see this season.

The Beaumont Enterprise took dress consultant Jeanie Righter's advice when it comes to prom jewelry trends this year. "Anything goes with earrings and many are going big, bold and long," the news source reports.

Meanwhile, dress store manager Kari Robbins vouched for "blingier" accessories, especially prominent, sparkly rings. "The bigger, the better," Robbins told the news source. "But it depends on the girl's taste."

So, what's on the menu in terms of your bling this year? Many ladies will surely have fun decking themselves out in glittering strands, elegant cuff bracelets and statement earrings. You can go as bare as you want or be dripping in jewels - it's all up to you on your big night.

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  1. I love crystal jewelry... never enough occasions to wear it ;)