Friday, March 25, 2011

One dress, two unique styles

You've been shopping for a prom dress for weeks or even months, and you've finally found it: The One. The perfect dress, the one you've always dreamed of wearing as you descend the stairs and your date's jaw drops. But now you've got another battle to fight - you have to make the dress your own. If you're worried that another gal at prom might be sporting the same gown, use unique shoes and accessories to set yourself apart.

Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Hudson share more than just a first name - they share fashion sense, too! These two beauties were spotted in the same tan Chloe dress (at different events, thankfully), but each managed to make the frock her own. Lopez used leopard-print boots to emphasize the sandy, earthy tone of the dress, while Hudson glammed it up with pink pumps and gold bangles. Each lady looked gorgeous in her own way!

To make sure your style stands out at prom, don't be afraid to select a bold pair of shoes or a massive piece of bling that's sure to be all your own. Necklaces, earrings, shoes, clutches and hairpieces are the perfect way to accent your gown and make sure your special style shines through on prom night.

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