Thursday, March 3, 2011

Getting back to basics a la Reese Witherspoon

With all of those prom dress choices, girls may be feeling at once limitlessly free and trapped by indecision at this time of year, which could be both a good and a bad thing. Then again, we sometimes get distracted by zany cuts and patterns and fail to remember how good a simple, basic cut can look.

Take Reese Witherspoon for example. The actress showed up to Sunday's Academy Awards show in a simple strapless black dress bordered by a white band at the top. No fuss, no muss - just old black and white, with a flattering simple cut.

That didn't make Reese look plain by any means, however. She evoked a '60s retro vibe with the mod-looking dress and her high, bouncy ponytail updo, which she paired with some diamond jewelry and classic black winged eyeliner.

A strapless monochromatic look like Reese's is a universally flattering option for ladies of all shapes and sizes, as is a simple black-and-white number.

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