Monday, March 14, 2011

Embracing the return of the backless dress

We've all seen so many ways to show a little skin on a formal occasion. Be it the high slit up the side, the ultra short skirt, the plunging neckline or the strapless number, formal wear has always given us a great number of options to flaunt our best assets.

This season, word on the street is that the backless dress is back in action. Whether you interpret this trend in a cross-backed fashion or take it to its logical extreme, a backless dress is both sexy and sophisticated in a way that can't be matched by short-cut and low-cut ensembles.

Unlike the latter, which can bring a girl dangerously close to some fairly inappropriate exposures (hey Britney - need we say more?), a backless dress is a little less risque but can be infinitely more sexy.

This style will work best with a high neckline and relatively long skirt for prom, so look for loose, flowy fabrics that leave a bit of an elegant train behind you.

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