Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Amy Adams' royal flush makes it into our prom lookbook

Metallic, sparkly dresses have been one of the most talked-about items as we gear up for prom this spring, and if there's ever been an example to drive this point home, Amy Adams sure provided it at Sunday's Academy Awards show.

Adams showed up to the red carpet wearing a super-sparkly midnight blue cap-sleeved gown. The floor-length dress, which hugged her upper body and her hips, fanned out at the bottom and ended in a daring slit that came up to her thigh.

The deep bluish-purple of the dress was the perfect complement to her tawny redhead complexion, which was an interesting twist on this classic that we think can work for a lot of ladies. Blondes can match their whitish or yellowish locks with black or purple gowns, brunettes can make waves in cream-colored, yellow or gold dresses, and redheads can borrow from Adams and do the blue thing or opt for a stunning emerald green.

Of course, the best way to wear a metallic number is to accent it with other sparkly accessories. A necklace featuring a contrasting gem will be the perfect accessory.

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