Thursday, February 10, 2011

What to wear if you have thin legs

It seems that the grass is always greener on the other side - many women with full figures ache to be thinner while slim ladies often yearn for more curves. However, instead of wishing for a different body type, gals can dress to flatter the physiques they were given.

While many women want thinner thighs, ladies with skinny legs can sometimes be self-conscious showing off their stems. According to fashion expert Tim Gunn, you don't have to be sentenced to a life of pants and long skirts. In fact, you can wear a semi-formal dress confidently as long as you pick the right silhouette.

"Wear your skirts to the knee," Gunn wrote in Marie Claire magazine. "If you wear them higher, then you exacerbate the thinness of your legs. If you wear them longer, then you risk looking dowdy and matronly."

Gunn even offered advice on the perfect footwear if you are embarrassed by skinny stems.

"Boots are very in this season, and you're lucky enough to be able to wear any of the on-trend styles," he wrote. "Many women's calves are too wide to accommodate high boots. Enjoy!"

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