Monday, February 28, 2011

Top 10 Tips for Shopping for a Prom Dress Online

It’s prom season again! And you are dying to find the perfect dress of your dreams. But you don’t just want a department store dress that anyone at school can buy. You want it to be unique, special, something no one else will have at prom. Your best chance of accomplishing that is ordering a dress online. Don’t be scared – follow these Top 10 Tips and you’ll not only have the most amazing and ideal dress for you, you’ll have a dress that no one else has either.

1. Shop Early: The most important thing you can do to get your 1st-choice, dream dress, is to start looking for it early. Browse magazines such as Teen Prom and Seventeen to get an idea of the style of dresses for the season. Then go online to check out prices and where you can purchase them. Dresses can sell out at any time during prom season, so allowing yourself enough time to have one made, it if does sell out, will be less stressful and make certain you get the dress you want. Why Shop Early?

2. Authorized Dealer: Ensure the prom dress website is an authorized dealer for the brands they carry. You should be able to see the store/website on the designer’s store locator on their website. There are many sites that sell designer knock-offs, be sure you are dealing with a store that sells original dresses from the designers. Are your dresses originals?

3. Frequently Asked Questions: A legitimate website should have their business policies posted online or a set of FAQs detailing them. Be sure to read through them so you will know exactly what to expect when you place your order. TJ Formal FAQs

4. Return Policy: Check out the site’s return policy. Specialty dress shops usually don’t allow returns for reasons other than a defective dress. Return Policy

5. Shipping Details: Check out the site’s shipping policy – is shipping free? Are packages insured? Do they use a reputable shipping company? Do they ship overseas and what are the costs? Shipping details

6. Correct sizing: Measure yourself according to the instructions on the site. Formal dresses normally run small, so don’t just order the size you wear in regular clothes. Also, each designer has their own size chart so be sure to check each chart for each dress. Measuring Instructions

7. Know your body type: Not every dress looks good on every kind of body. Determining what looks best on you will not only narrow down the choices of dresses, but also make you the happiest because it will fit you and accent your body well. Body Style Guide

8. Determine your colors and style: Just as with body types, not every color and style looks good on everyone. What color looks best on you depends on your hair color, eye color, and skin color. Do you ever have friends say you look especially pretty? It’s probably partly due to the color you are wearing. Prom Style Quiz

9. Check availability: Before placing your order, check to see if the dress is in stock. Dresses can sell out at any time and it’s much better to know if your dress is going to get to you on time before you place your order. Check Availability

10. You got the dress!: Most formal dresses require some alterations to fit you perfectly. After you receive your dress, you can have it tailored by a professional seamstress local to you. Then go register it on the National Prom Dress Registry so that no one else going to your prom will buy it. Tell your friends to register their dresses too! National Prom Dress Registry

Now go enjoy your prom!!

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