Monday, February 14, 2011

Red shoes: A great trend to try out

While some women may be hesitant to wear a bold-colored formal dress, intimidated by the attention such gowns can bring, there is a new, trendy way a girl can add a burst of color to her ensemble without going over-the-top - red shoes!

According to O magazine, red shoes are all the rage, and this look is extremely easy to execute flawlessly.

"Pair [red] dress shoes with brown, gray or burgundy tights," O's creative director Adam Glassman recommends. "Avoid black hosiery - the contrast is too harsh... Go bare-legged if it isn't too freezing outside."

There are a seemingly endless amount of crimson-colored pumps to choose from, but the publication offers three especially trendy suggestions. A red point-toe kitten heel is daring in color but demure in style. For a sultry alternative, opt for a studded platform stiletto, which is perfect for a hot date or a fun night out.

You can also look for a scarlet shoe with a floral applique - the magazine reports that these embellishments are "popping up everywhere."


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