Saturday, February 26, 2011

Making black garments more feminine

It's no secret that little black dresses are hot commodities among women who want to look fabulous for a night out, so we weren't surprised to hear that black ensembles were all the rage at some recent fashion shows. However, this year, the dark outfits have a decidedly feminine flair.

According to Marie Claire, designers around the world have been creating black garments, such as blazers and leather jackets, and making them more demure by adding accents of lace. This frilly fabric instantly softens any structured piece.

A masculine tailored jacket is a great accompaniment to any LBD. To add even more femininity, experts suggest paying extra attention to your face.

"Think pink with your makeup. Fresh and flirty bubblegum lips and cheeks are a modern twist on classic crimson - a perfect counterpoint to somber suits and smoky eyes," the news source recommends.

Little black dresses and blazers with lacy embellishments are great for a hot date or a night out with your coworkers. Embrace the trend and you'll surely look like a million bucks!

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