Monday, February 28, 2011

Katy Perry embraces purple - three times in a row!

While some women may think that bright colors are best left for the summertime, it seems that Katy Perry disagrees. The sultry songstress recently stepped out in three different formal dresses in one day - and each one was a gorgeous shade of purple!

Perry was in Mexico City promoting her new fragrance, Purr. Proving that lavender looks great year-round, Perry dazzled in the first two creations she wore. The former was a one-shoulder sparkling minidress that featured lots of draping around the bodice. The latter was a sequin-covered piece that faded from silver to lilac and boasted a few cutouts.

However, it was Perry's third outfit that truly turned heads. The shocking silhouette featured an uber-plunging neckline (clear material helped keep her from falling out of the dress) and a bow-like embellishment. Best of all, the short gown was a striking shade of vibrant violet.

While we may not all be blessed with a figure like Perry's that would enable us to wear such daring silhouettes, we can surely follow her lead and embrace purple. Whether it's winter, spring, summer or fall, any shade of this eye-catching hue will look great!

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