Sunday, February 20, 2011

High heels may alter calf muscles

When accessorizing any formal dress, women often pay most attention to the shoes. After all, a great pair of kicks can not only act as an amazing complement, but can also improve one's posture, stature and general appearance.

While there is a variety of footwear on the market, most gals often pick high heels. And though it may not be a secret that wearing stilettos can cause sore muscles if you aren't used to platforms, a new study has revealed that sporting heels may cause anatomical changes in ladies' legs.

According to Allure magazine, researchers at the Institute for Biomedical Research Into Human Movement and Health (BRIHMM) at Manchester Metropolitan University in England studied women who wore stilettos (2 inches or higher) for an average of 60 hours a week. They found these women had shorter calf muscle fibers and thicker, stiffer Achilles tendons. This led to a decreased range of motion in the ankle, making flat shoes thus less comfortable.

However, daily exercises may help avoid this change.

"Stand on tiptoes on a step, go down slowly, and rise again ten times," Marco Narici, professor at BRIHMM, told the news source.

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