Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Embrace the popular ballerina trend

Thanks to the critical acclaim and popularity of Black Swan, there is one trend that is particularly hot right now - the ballerina look. And while some women may worry that this is a style best left on the stage, it can actually translate exceptionally well into everyday life.

When looking for a formal dress that pays homage to this idea, select a garment made of tulle to mimic ballerinas' iconic tutus. Don't worry about showing too much skin - when the fabric is draped and gathered, it can become opaque. Pair the item with ballet flats or heels with ribbons that tie around your ankle.

Of course, the right hairstyle is just as important in recreating this look as finding the perfect dress. Channel your inner ballerina and slick your hair back in an impeccable bun.

"No matter where the stars are placing their neatly pulled-back buns, the style is totally en pointe right now," InStyle magazine reports. For a fun night out, consider piling your hair atop your head, while a low bun is perfect for a more elegant affair.

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